We are so glad that you could stop by.

Alger is a great place to be!  Our prayer is that you will find a home with us as we grow in Christ together.

Join us for worship
Sundays:  9:30 AM
5:00 PM

Nursery and Children’s Ministry are available.

Our Vision

The purpose of Alger Park Christian Reformed Church is to grow in the fullness of Christ, in love for each other, and in number as we reach out and disciple others.

Church Profile

Alger Park – We count it a privilege to represent Christ at this time in history in the Alger Heights area of Southeast Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Our prayer is that the message of Christ’s love and grace be reflected through us to the individuals and families in our parish area and beyond, into greater Grand Rapids

Christian – Identifies us with the person and task of Jesus Christ, who calls people to a personal faith in Him as our only, God-sent, crucified, risen, and returning Savior from sin and misery.

Reformed – signifies that our church stands in the tradition of the Protestant Reformation accepting the entire Bible as the authoritative, inspired Word of God, and seeking to reform herself in the light of the demands of Scripture through the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

Church – indicates that we are part of the world-wide family of those that belong to Christ, who seek to advance the rule of Christ in the hearts and lives of people and who exist for the purpose of serving and saving the world in the name of Christ.