The Staff of Alger Park Church stands ready to assist you in their individual area of responsibility.

The staff can be reached by calling (616) 452-9686.  If the secretary of administrative assistant is not available, or after church office hours, you may reach any member of the staff by dialing their extension number listed in the table below.  

To email anyone of the staff members, please see the corresponding link below or if not present, use the general Church email address.  You can also send general information and bulletin announcements to the general church mail box address

Position Name Ext. #
General Info/Bulletin Announcements Church  
Church Administrator Andy Ganzevoort 105
Administrative Assistant Gayle Deters 100
Custodian Mike Bosscher 113
Sheparding Pastor David Deters 103
Director of  Music Nancy Ryskamp 108
Director of Children’s Ministries Annamarie Cassis 110
Coordinator of Youth Ministries Melanie Veldman 104
Director of Kid’s Hope USA Jane Leonardo 106
Coordinator of Toppers Ellis Deters 102
Evangelist at Large Norm De Nooyer 109